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Wang Kailiang
Wang Kailiang joined in 2005 and has been engaged in machining operations for more than ten years. In Novico, from a ignorant young man, he trained to become the person in charge of machining and assembly and assumed greater responsibilities. After he became the head of the work section, he became more rigorous and serious; what has always remained the same is his love for machining and his pursuit of higher skill levels.
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Li Fuchang
He joined the factory in 1997 and has been in the aluminum alloy casting industry for more than ten years. He used to be the head of the casting production team in the cooperation project between Japan and the Light Industry. He organized and carried out a series of casting rod improvement work in the workshop and successfully completed the task.
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Wang Guiqing
Rough appearance, there is a meticulous heart. During the tight schedule, there were only those who worked overtime, without the slightest complaint. Relying on the firm belief of "doing one's own business, loving one's own business, dedicated one's own business"; achieving the glorious achievement of zero schedule delay. When asked where the high-precision welding technology came from, he smiled shyly, "It's just that I usually do a lot more."
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